For the 2023 edition of Kånken Art, Fjällräven teamed up with Swedish illustrator, graphic designer and artist Martin Ander, also known as Mander. In terms of colours, shapes and patterns, the inspiration for Kånken Art ‘23 comes from a close-up view of the organic structures of moss, fungus, lichen and wood through the bold and energetic lens of 1980s skateboard culture.

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When you look closely, nature reveals its patterns. Lines, spaces and shapes are all around us, inviting us to appreciate the journey. That’s exactly what Mander does as he and his family take walks together in the natural areas surrounding their home. The detailed structures of nature inspired him to create original designs for this year's edition of Kånken Art. His unique patchwork pattern based on organic structures comes in two colourways — one for standing out and one for blending in a bit more.

Together we can do more

Kånken Art is part of Fjällräven’s Arctic Fox Initiatives, where part of sales support environmental and societal projects.

“I started looking for the structures and patterns in nature and began to draw them in my style.”

"The closer I looked, the more structures appeared on stones, leaves, fungus and moss. I couldn’t decide which one I liked most, so I decided to use them all, then add elements of punk and fanzine aesthetics to what eventually became a patchwork pattern.” Swedish illustrator, graphic designer and artist Mander about his inspiration for Kånken Art ‘23.