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Primus Essential Trail Stove

Essential Trail Stove


Product Description

The Essential Trail Stove is the stove for camping novices and experienced outdoor chefs. Offering precise flame control for optimum cooking results this stove is invented in Sweden, and hand crafted in Europe.
Attach your fully assembled Essential Trail Stove onto your gas canister and have your camp stove up and running in under a minute. This 114g burner delivers with Laminar Flow Burner Technology and the wider burner boils a liter of water in three and a half minutes with its 2500W flame. To pack away, just remove the burner from the gas canister and stow.

If you aren’t sure where your travels might take you, the Essential Trail Stove Duo fits both threaded (Lindal) and non-threaded canister valves.
• Compact, lightweight, easy to use and always ready to cook
• Wind-blocking pot supports keep the flame strong and steady in windy conditions while comfortably holding a variety of pot sizes
• Laminar Flow Burner Technology™ offers a lower center of gravity making the stove stable, lighter and more compact
• Control valve ensures precise flame control
• Available in Duo, fitting both threaded (Lindal) and non-threaded canister valves
• Invented in Sweden, made in Europe
• Gas NOT included
Persons: 1 - 2
Width: 108 mm
Height: 60 mm
Depth: 90 mm
Igniter manual
Boiling time for 1 l 3.5 min


This product uses Fjällräven G-1000, our own hardwearing outdoor fabric that together with timeless design, creates products that are able to stay in use for many, many years. That’s sustainability through longevity.


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