Philippines: Mount Kalawitan via Sabangan-Sabangan


30th April to 2nd May 2022

Trips highlight: 

Dwarf Bamboo, Sea of Clouds, Mossy Forest, Rich Flora and Fauna, Pine Forest



Mount Kalawitan Height:


Trip Duration:

3 days 2 nights


Local: PHP4250/PAX

Non-local: PHP5250/PAX


- Self Supported

- Fully-vaccinated

Mt. Kalawitan (also called Calauit, Calawitan) is an undiscovered gem at the heart of the Cordilleras. From Apa campsite, the 1500 meter vertical distance to the summit can roughly be divided into three, which means you will have 3 different view in the whole trip. The first 500 meters consists of a pleasant forest – the Asoan Pine Forest – with a steepness somewhat reminiscent of Pulag’s Akiki Trail. Past the pine forest, the hiker enters a mossy forest which, although actually culminating at the summit, is terminated at 2200 MASL by a patch of pine trees. In this patch, Halsema Highroad begins to be visible on the right (if on the way to the summit), as well as Tirad Peak and Tirad Pass: it is a view of the Western border of the Cordilleras and Ilocos Sur behind it. The density of moss increases, and the trail also gets somewhat steep (again) in the final leg leading to the summit. Although the summit itself is quite unremarkable and is surrounded with trees, there is a patch of dwarf bamboo that actually serves as the summit landmark. This time, a view of Hungduan, Tinoc, and some other parts of Ifugao may be seen. 

Photo and content source: Pinoy Mountaineer


Day 0 - APRIL 29, 2022

2000 - Assembly (Exact time and place TBA)

Day 1 - APRIL 30, 2022

0500 - ETA Bontoc

Breakfast, buy packed lunch, last minute essential shopping, final preparation. (Participants expense)

0700 - Registration at tourism office. Start trek to Apa Campsite.

1000 - Arrival at Apa Campsite. Rest and re-group. Fetch water.

1200 - Arrival at Asoa Pine Forest, lunch.

1300 - Resume trek to mossy forest

1500 - Arrival at the Liang Bokyong Campsite. 

1800 - Arrive at Mt. Kalawitan Peak, set camp and rest. Sunrise viewing.

Day 2 - MAY 1, 2022

0500 - Wake up call, breakfast, break camp

0700 - Start trek back to Appa Campsite ( Descending will take longer) 

1200 - Regroup, Lunch

1500 - Arrival at Appa Campsite. Set camp, swimming, socials, enjoy nature!

Day 3 - MAY 2, 2022

0800 - Wake up call, breakfast, break camp.

0900 - Start to descend back to the tourism office.

1200 - Log out. Shower, lunch. Prepare to go home!

2300 - Arrival at Manila. End of activity.


Package includes:

- Round trip transfer from Cubao to Jump Off point (To & Fro)

- Registration fee

- Guide fee

- Environmental Fee

Package does not includes:

- Ration on trips

- Personal/Travel Insurance

- Personal medication

- Any Items Not Mentioned