Fill in the form to sign up for Limited 1 year warranty.

The Kanken Forever Package can also be added on at $10 SGD for a lifetime warranty for accessories on Kånken. (T&C apply)

Fjällräven strives to produce high quality, functional and timeless products. Fjällräven SEA provides a LIMITED 1 YEAR WARRANTY to the original purchaser (from Fjällräven Indonesia, Fjällräven Malaysia, Fjällräven Philippines & Fjällräven Singapore) against manufacturing defects, and does not include accidental damage, as defined below. The warranty policy below is not valid on products purchased used from consumer-driven sites. Proof of purchase is required for the warranty claim to be processed.

Manufacturing Defects

The following variables are considered to be manufacturing defects and are covered under the Fjällräven Limited 1 Year Warranty:

  • Split seams
  • Snaps and/or buttons that have fallen, or are tearing off
  • Broken zippers
  • Broken buckles

Accidental Damage

The following variables are considered accidental damage control also known as normal wear and tear and are not covered under the Fjällräven Limited 1 Year Warranty:

  • Stains
  • Fading and/or discolouration due to improper care, waxing, and/or excessive sun exposure
  • Melted zippers, fabric, and/or faux fur
  • Rips, tears, and/or cuts
  • Fabric abrasion
  • Fabric pilling

Kindly fill in the following form with your details to register your product for 1 year warranty starting from the date of purchase. If you wish to add on the Kånken Forever Lifetime Coverage, remember to select it in the first part of the form.

Kånken Forever Lifetime Coverage

Fjällräven do our utmost to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible. In a simple word, we wish our products can stay as long as possible with you before you purchase another.

Kånken Forever Lifetime Coverage will entitles you a lifetime warranty on the button of your Kånken product.


  1. What are the benefits of Kånken Forever Lifetime Coverage? 
    You will receive a lifetime free repair/replacement of the button for your Kånken product.
  2. How do we purchase the extra coverage? 
    While you are filling up the product registration form on the right, please select the coverage in the first part of the form and proceed to check out. Each check out is applicable to only 1 product. If you purchased more than 1 Kånken product at a time, please fill in the product registration form and repeat the selection for each product.
  3. What are not covered by the Kånken Forever Lifetime Coverage? 
    Kånken logo patch, zippers, buckles, seams and other parts that were not mentioned in the benefits above.
  4. What product can be covered by the Kånken Forever Lifetime Coverage? 
    All Kånken products with buttons.
  5. Can I purchase Kånken Forever Lifetime Coverage for my non-Kånken products? 
    No, for now this lifetime coverage is only applicable for Kånken product.
  6. Can I purchase Kånken Forever Lifetime Coverage for a Kånken product that I have been using for a while? 
    Yes, you can. But this is available only for products purchased from an authorized retailers of ours in the country of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines & Singapore. Please contact if you wish to purchase the lifetime coverage for your Kånken.




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