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If you’re looking to find your very own, dependable, ready-for-anything Kånken, you’ve come to the right place. Choose with care and take your time - not only will your Kånken last for years and years and years, there are also many colours, sizes, versions and materials to choose from. Let the search begin, and welcome to the Kånken family!

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Kånken Sling
Kånken Mini
Pink Kånken Shoulder Pads
Kånken Laptop 15
Kånken Laptop 13
Kånken Totepack
Acorn Kånken No. 2
Ox Red Re-Kånken
Kånken Totepack Mini
Kånken Hip Pack
Tree Kånken
Kånken Laptop 17
Kånken Rainbow Mini
Pink Rose Re-Kånken Mini
Kånken Rainbow
Fog Kånken Organiser
Ox Red Kånken Travel Wallet