How to Repair Your Gear

We believe the gear you buy from us should last a lifetime (or longer). But even our most hardwearing items aren’t totally immune to little mishaps and many years of hard use. We’ve created the following guides for just those moments. So rather than throwing it away, you can repair that jacket, shirt or pair of trousers in time for your next adventure. 

How to patch a hole in your trousers

Keep your backpack happy, hardwearing and water resistant through all your adventures.

How to change a zip puller

All that on, off, on, off with your jacket can sometimes be a little too much for your humble zip puller. But don’t worry! It’s easy to fix.

How to sew on a new button

Oops, where did that button go? We’ve all been there at one time or another. With this quick guide your nature time won’t be compromised by a lost button.

Patch a down jacket

Our down jackets are an investment in staying warm. But a hole in one is a quick route to feeling cold. So patch it as soon as you see it. Here’s how.

How to patch a hole in your jacket

Many hours outdoors, day after day, place plenty of stress on your jacket. Don’t let a tear stand in the way of many more outdoors hours.

Repair a zip

Your zip’s not ‘zipping’ anymore? No problem. With a few spare parts you can make your jacket outdoor-ready again