Klunken - Necessities of a Stylish Sustainable Living

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Ages of effort from environmentalists in urging people to start investing in a reusable water bottle, we are sure that many are aware of the potential harm of single-use bottles and agree that reusable water bottles play a crucial part in helping the environment.

In recent years, the reusable water bottle has not only become part of our daily lifestyle but a fashion accessory that is within reach for everyone. 

Fjällräven Kånken, the worldwide-recognisable classic backpack has partnered up with Primus to come up with a reusable water bottle that can fit perfectly into a Kånken pocket.

We had a chat with Charlotte Mei, a nutritionist and presenter. She is a firm advocate of low-impact eco-conscious living, inspiring other individuals in making small steps towards a greener lifestyle.

Q: Introduce yourself to the fans of Fjallraven.

A: Hello, I’m Charlotte! I wear two hats, one of a nutritionist, and the other of a media presenter. I have a cooking channel titled TheCharlotteMei where I share fuss-free dishes that are both nutritious and delicious. Living an eco-conscious lifestyle has always been part of my upbringing, so I have my parents to thank for that, and I share my everyday tips on my Instagram page, like how I compost food waste, and shop package-free! You can check out more on my page www.thecharlottemei.com and instagram.com/thecharlottemei 

Q: Describe your take on sustainable living.

A: It’s to be mindful of, and responsible for the impact we have on our surroundings. We’re so used to taking from it, but we almost never think of giving back to it. This is important because if we don’t sustain the environment, it’s not going to last in this state for very much longer.

 Q: As a Nutritionist, how do you express your values/speech towards sustainability through creating dishes/recipes?

A: Though I’m not vegetarian or vegan, I advocate for more people to increase the amount of plant foods on their plates, and decrease the amount of meat where they can. This has positive effects on our health, but also on our environment. My latest series of recipes features my plant-based take on well-liked dishes. My favourites are the Spicy Ramen, Laarb Gai, Kimchi Falafels, and Mushroom Meatballs! I also try to create dishes that allow me to travel the world through my stomach!

Q: In your opinion, how does reusable water bottles play a part in sustainable living?

A: I think this one is pretty clear! We will be reducing the plastic bottles that get manufactured, which means lesser burning of fossil fuels; and we will also be drastically reducing the number of plastic bottles that end up getting incinerated (= carbon released into the atmosphere), or end up in the ocean, harming marine life. 

Q: Share with us top 3 favourite nutritional drinks that you will bring with you daily in a Klunken! 

A: Water is the healthiest drink one can have with them! If not for water, I’d go for kombucha...I love the tangy flavour!

Q: On a weekend outing, where can we refill our Klunken in Singapore? Instead buying single-use water bottles from convenience stores.

A: Cafes/restaurants are usually kind enough to refill your water bottle if you ask kindly. Otherwise, download the Susgain app. They are working to include all water refill stations in Singapore on their map. 

Q: What could be the first step for those that wish to live out a sustainable living starting from now.

A: Look at which parts of your everyday life has the most impact on the environment - do you take away coffee/tea everyday in a styrofoam cup; do you always eat at an eatery that uses disposable utensils; do you always take away food from the hawker centre in a plastic/styrofoam/brown paper packaging? That is your low hanging fruit. Try to build a new habit to reduce your carbon footprint through that action. 

About Klunken:

The word "Klunken" comes from the Swedish verb "klunka" which means "to drink in sips" and it is the name of Primus’ new range of colourful, stainless-steel bottles that will be officially introduced in 2021. Both the name and the bottle itself have been developed to coordinate perfectly with the famous Kånken daypacks from Primus’ sister brand Fjӓllrӓven. After all, the Kånken itself is also named after a Swedish word – kånka - which means to carry something around. 

Sustainable, hygienic and practical - whether travelling, doing sports, out and about in the city, at university, school or at work – the new Klunken bottles make it easy to stay hydrated on the go. The bottle’s wide mouth means it is not only easy to drink from but also ensures filling and cleaning it is easy so you can easily carry your favourite hot and cold drinks with you.

With a hygienic and corrosion-resistant stainless-steel construction, the Klunken is taint and odour resistant to ensure it won’t impact on the flavour of your drink and is also a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles. It is available in eight stylish colours inspired from our favourite Kånken colour and its durable, powder-coated surface ensures it's always easy to grip – even with wet hands. The lid is made of natural, insulating cork and features a practical loop for easy transportation. This webbing loop not only matches the Klunken’s coloured exterior but has also been developed to perfectly coordinate with the bestselling Kånken. For this same reason, the bottle has also been designed to slide neatly into the side pocket of the bestselling backpack. 

The Klunken comes in two different versions so you can choose between the single-walled 0.7-litre version or the double-walled 0.5-litre option which has a vacuum insulation to keep cold drinks cool throughout the day and hot drinks pleasantly warm.


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Do check out @thecharlottemei  and Charlotte’s blog to know more about her!