Winter DNA

Being outside during the winter is part of Lisa Lindblom’s DNA, but that does not mean she especially enjoys feeling cold. In such cases, she reaches for her Expedition Down Jacket.

In the mornings, Lisa Lindblom takes a bath. A very cold bath. 

Living in Kallbygden, which means “Cold Village” in Swedish, her day starts with a dip in the Kallsjön. Known in English as the “Cold Lake”, in winter it is covered with ice. This does not stop Lisa however, who got the idea after learning about women who take winter baths. The feeling of her body going into the water and hearing her heart beat were sensations that she was happy to integrate into her morning routine. Describing the experience she says, “You need to be present, breathe, focus on just being here, right now. It’s freezing cold, but also – in a strange way – very relaxing.”

A wilderness guide and champion in dog sled sports, being outside during the wintertime is a very strong part of Lisa’s DNA. She grew up in the mountains, skiing with her dogs and sleeping in tents with her family. In the outdoors she finds both adrenaline and peace: “I love to be able to just go outside the door no matter the temperature and just enjoy nature. It’s essential.” 

To do so in comfort and warmth however, Lisa also understands the value of wearing the right clothing. As she says, “I love to be outside when I am cold, but do not want to freeze.”

The need for warmth in the coldest conditions was instilled in Lisa early on, and she had a Fjällräven jacket as a child, which she describes as “… a warm, hugging friend that you can bring on your adventures.” Now, she wears an Expedition Down Jacket, which she got about five years ago when moving to the Kebnekaise, the highest mountains in Sweden. When she arrived it was cold, and it did not get warmer. She knew she needed a jacket. 

Second-hand, Lisa bought her Expedition Down Jacket from an older woman who had already experienced plenty of adventures in it. This is no surprise to Lisa, who remarks, “I would say this jacket is iconic for Fjällräven, because you see it everywhere when the temperature is low.” Now an integral part of her morning routine, daily work and play, she is looking forward to spending more time in it for years to come.

Watch this short video for the summary of Lisa's story.