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Fine quality wool sourced close to home

 100% natural
 Free from dyes and treatments
 Lustrous and incredibly warm

After two and a half years of meticulous effort, the inaugural sweaters from our Brattland wool project hit the market in November 2017. This initiative aimed to produce wool sweaters in Sweden using Brattland wool, presenting not only challenges in traceability but also profound insights into wool quality, sustainable farming practices, and artisanal craftsmanship. Armed with newfound knowledge, we're elevating our global wool supply chain to new heights.

Brattland wool, sourced from the resilient Jämtlandsfår breed, thrives in the harsh yet invigorating climate of central Sweden. Renowned for its exceptional fineness and luster, this wool boasts natural resistance to dirt and odors while efficiently regulating body temperature—a testament to its unrivaled quality.

The sheep are raised at Brattlandsgården, a holistic management farm just outside Åre in the Swedish mountains. The untreated wool is spun and the products are knitted right here in Sweden.

Our Brattland wool project is something we’re pretty proud of. But the journey getting there wasn’t exactly obstacle free