Primus is globally recognised for powering countless expeditions and outdoor adventures. Through Swedish engineering and passion for the outdoors, our pursuit for improved technologies and innovative solutions is the secret behind every creation. Our goal is to ensure every Primus product is reliable and becomes a trusted, life-long companion. We want you to enjoy your time outdoors – no matter where you are or what you do!

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Vacuum Bottle 1L
Vacuum Bottle 0.75L
Vacuum Bottle 0.5L
Vacuum bottle 0.35L
Vacuum Commuter 0.4L
Vacuum Commuter 0.3L
Vacuum Tumbler Stainless 0.6L
Folding Spork
Lightweight TrailCutlery
TrailSpork Tritan
PrimeTech Pot Set 1.3L
Essential Pot Set 1.3L
TrailBottle 0.8L Vacuum
TrailBottle 0.5L Vacuum
TrailBottle 1.0L S.S.
TrailBottle 0.6L S.S.
TrailBottle 1.0L Tritan
TrailBottle 0.6L Tritan
TrailBreak Lunch Jug 550
TrailBreak Lunch Jug 400
Meal Set
4 Season Mug 0.3l
Pot Gripper Aluminum
Lite XL Piezo Eta Tech
Lite Plus Piezo Eta Tech
Essential Stove Set 1.3L
MultiFuel III
Express Spider II