Rooted in the påst, exploring the future

Introducing our new Tree Kånken, developed to explore alternatives to plastic-based fibers made from fossil-fuels. The Tree Kånken is made from Pine Weave fabric, with 100% bio-based raw materials, sourced from cultivated and certified forests near our home in Sweden.

 åll black Kånken Sling

Who doesn’t love black, a fashion colour that can easily go with anything on you. This completely black monochrome version of Kånken Sling in G-1000 HeavyDuty can be your next favourite fashion pack.

Kånken in Fåll Winter Colours

Presenting a series of new colours that represent our respect and admiration for nature & the beautiful scenery that we can discover along the journey.

Cåre & Repåir

Check out our core and repair tips to ensure that your Kanken will be your trusted backpacks for many years.

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