Presenting new unique products developed by Fjällräven and Specialized, combining Swedish hiking functionality with Californian biking expertise, to make bikepacking easier, more comfortable and more fun, both on-bike and in-camp.

A collaboration between Fjällräven and Specialized,
Sweden and California, Hiking and Biking.

In 2050, it is estimated that two-thirds of Earth’s population will be living in towns and cities. At the same time, priorities are shifting towards good mental and physical health – and the health of our planet. The Fjällräven/Specialized exchange hopes to inspire more people to reconnect with nature and cultivate a longterm relationship with it.

“We realized that our values around nature
and health were the same...”

HENRIK ANDERSSON - Global Creative Director at Fjällräven

“...and that as brands, we could help more people
discover nature if we worked together..”

ERIK NOHLIN - Design Leader/Equipment at Specialized